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    Нургалиев Аскар Каиртаевич Visits Shenwu


      On May 5, Нургалиев Аскар Каиртаевич, Secretary to Governor of Akmola Province of Kazakhstan, visited Shenwu together with Каюпов Ергали Елеусизович, GM of Terra Capital. The visitors were warmly received by Zhang Yiping, Deputy GM of Shenwu Group, Sun Zuping, Deputy GM of Shenwu Power, etc.


      Accompanied by Sun Zuping, Ma Ying, Director of International Business Dept. of Shenwu Group, the delegation visited Shenwu Energy Saving & Atmospheric Haze Treatment Technology Lab, and heard an introduction on the operation principle, raw materials applicability,  economical efficiency of technology, environmental benefits and industrial promotion status of Shenwu’s thermal power boiler test unit that integrates coal rapid pyrolysis with energy saving and DeNOx, hydrogen shaft furnace for direct reduction and clean smelting,etc. 


      Нургалиев Аскар Каиртаевич said:“I’m very happy to be here. As a technology enterprise that is committed to development of energy saving and low carbon technology, Shenwu’s disruptive innovation technologies are impressive. Akmola is rich in coal resources, and has the world's largest open pit coal mine. I believe Shenwu technology will go far in Akmola, and will be highly welcomed by our government and enterprise.” He also indicated that the “Future Energy” themed World Expo 2017 will be held in June in Astana surrounded by Akmola, and hoped the two sides can take World Expo as an opportunity to achieve a high level project connection.


      Zhang Yiping extended his welcome to the visitors, and said: “many of our disruptive technologies have achieved industrial application and considerable economic benefits, which include the regenerative low-rank powdered coal double-bed gasification technology, thermal power boiler technology that integrates coal rapid pyrolysis with energy saving and DeNOx, new acetylene-based coal chemical process, hydrogen shaft furnace for direct reduction and clean smelting, rotary hearth furnace for direct reduction and clean smelting,etc. Since Kazakhstan is located along the route of ‘Belt and Road’, and has superior position and rich mineral resources, I expect the two sides can seize the opportunity, and communicate profoundly to achieve  win-win cooperation ASAP to carry out practical cooperation.” 


      “Akmola has abundant coal resources, rapid urbanization development and large electricity demands. Therefore, the thermal power plant project that uses Shenwu technology will be very attractive. Furthermore, Kazakhstan government provides preferential tax policy for thermal power project. Shenwu Power is willing to strengthen communication with Akmola government, and positively perform the research to propose a feasible plan as soon as possible, and promote substantive cooperation. I believe Shenwu Power, with the help of Akmola government, will be able to constantly expand local thermal power market to bring both sides tangible economic and environmental benefits,” Sun Zuping said.