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    HFEC Signed SPG/ZHG Polypropylene Contracts with Number of Enterprises


      HFCE General Manager, Mr. Wang Qinya analyzed project technology management from several aspects, puts forward some feasible ideas, and has got a line with participants on some areas, particularly in enhancing project site training about construction technique, support policies of project quantity surveyors and testing workers, technical overall efficiency about current project department. Mr. Zhao Wenming, senior engineer from China National Petroleum & Chemical Planning Institute, gave a presentation analyzing polypropylene industry currently development situation in China and forecasting trend of polypropylene industry during the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Mr. Li Zemin, senior engineer from HFEC, gave a presentation doing detailed analysis about Principle, Technological characteristics, Consummation, Product mark, Plant investment and Construction period of SPG/ZHG process. Meanwhile, make an introduction of what HFEC has achieved at SPG/ZHG process development, optimization, advertisement, and project references as well. 
      At present, there are two major technologies used in China about polypropylene process. One is using foreign process package, for example, Grace Technology has been used in “Qinghai Yanhu 160,000 tons/a PP project” which HFEC was as EPC. One is using domestic technology, which are Loop Process of SEI and SPG/ZHG PP process. SPG/ZHG process is the only one independent development continuous process for polypropylene production so far, which has advantages of good quality, wide product mark, low energy consumption in production, powder tons of energy consumption is lower than 50 Kg standard oil, much lower cost, mature technology, short construction period, low project investment, etc. Up to now, HFEC has designed 16 sets of SPG/ZHG polypropylene process, and 12 sets have already put into production that 6 sets is of capacity revamping, 6 sets of new plants. One set has exported to Kazakhstan. The production capacity is from 70,000 tons to 300,000 tons of one single set. The total capacity reached 2.52 million tons/a, which takes account of 16% of total polypropylene output of domestic. In addition, there are 2 plants under engineering and construction, which the output is 600,000 tons/a. It expects to reach total capacity more than 3 million tons/a in 2017.
      During the seminar, HFEC held signing ceremony, which signed the contract of ZHG process for 100,000 tons/a polypropylene plant revamping project with technology licensing and construction between HFEC and Maoming Petro-chemical shihua Co., Ltd, the agreement with Daqing Huake Co., Ltd for cooperation in development of polypropylene products, contract with Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd of 200,000 tons/a polypropylene project, the contract with Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Company of 300,000 tons/a polypropylene plant ( second phase) project.
      HFEC has invented 25 customer companies, 4 cooperative companies and 5 equipment manufacturing companies. Through this technical seminar, HFEC build communicate platform between the industry experts and enterprises, provide directly face-to-face communication between enterprise and enterprise, which will improve SPG/ZHG polypropylene technology influence in the industry, strength confidence to build polypropylene projects from the owner side, promote the further development of China’s polypropylene industry. (Zhang Shuangshuang/Editor, Lv Hang/Photo, Han Qian/Translator)